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vintage cinema equipment


Vintage cinema equipment is popular with people in cinema. There are able to provide good quality equipment to ensure your movie event will be a great success. We pride ourselves on providing a total open-air cinema package that includes production-side services, audio, event management and film acquisition. We can also help with very specific aspects of outdoor cinema production, it includes liaising with council, organising food and facilities, hiring seating, coordinating kids’ entertainment and much more. As more and more people are discovering, inflatable screens are great for personal, community, or corporate use. Watch a movie, show an advertisement, display a billboard - all with the same screen, all in the same day!

If you have experienced the outdoor movie experience firsthand, you know all about the unique charms of watching the big screen in the open air. As more communities and companies become familiar with the concept and realize the potential uses of inflatable screens-easy to transport, set up and remove, and they are asking cinema screen how they can purchase outdoor movie equipment for their own uses. They have come to the right place! As in our event management services, there offers superior customer service in helping you select and purchase your own outdoor movie equipment. As well, the experience in setting up and presenting features gives us valuable insight into the equipment we sell. The screen is used for amusement park. Whether you want to host a movie in the park, turn your local parking lot into a custom drive-in theatre, play video games on the big screen or broadcast that live game on a 3 story high inflatable movie screen.

The screen equipment uses massive inflatable movie screens and it is a good quality outdoor screens that are available on the market. This coupled with top of the line audio or visual equipment allows FAC to present our clients with the possible viewing experience available. Our screens are available in a variety of sizes up to 45 Feet wide by 30 feet tall, the screens allow us to turn any space backyard or stadium into a custom outdoor movie theatre. The widescreen format of our inflatable screens really gives audiences that cinema feel. As well, we feature state-of-the-art digital projectors and Pro-Audio sound systems. Put it all together, and the screen system can comfortably show movies to crowds of any size. With the outdoor cinema equipment you will have a good experience.