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Spinning Energy Storm Amusement Rides with High Quality

Spinning Energy Storm Amusement Rides with High Quality

  • Model: MFB24Z
  • Materials: FRP+steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 40kw
  • Load: 24 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Spinning energy storm amusement ride is a thrill ride. This thrill amusement park ride mainly designed for adults. It is a kind of large scale amusement ride which looks like a giant monster has 5 steel arm. With its exquisite appearance, meticulous workmanship, bright color and safety standard, our energy storm ride has attracted lots of visitors in the amusement park.

The storm ride, one kind of thrill rides which is frequently seen in amusement parks, it is also called spinning ride, the storm ride is popular in the amusement parks. The storm ride is a high quality. And it can bring the riders an unforgettable ride experience, which are greatly loved by children and adults. It is one of the newly designed and exciting amusement rides.

The storm ride can attracts many riders for amusement parks. So the spinning energy storm ride is very popular. The storm ride on the rides not only can rotate, but also can jump up and down. The rides have a control box to control the speed and rate. Riders sit on the chair with the storm shape and can have the feeling of jumping just like on a real animal! After moving, the storm ride will be played with the music. It is really an interesting amusement park equipment. The storm ride can bring you overweight, weightless, centrifugal force’s process and let riders have the thrilling feeling and experience on the basis of guaranteeing the riders’ safety. Besides, the storm rides are convenient to install.

Spinning energy storm amusement ride

When riders are on the storm ride, riders will enjoy the ride freely. Riders will not only can ride the storm in fairground ride, but also they can revolve with another two cabins which are installed on the same arm. As the storm ride is spinning, each cabins also can move up and down freely. Riders on storm rides will feel like they are flying in the sky. It is very interesting and funny. There are some principles of the energy storm ride.

By using the combination of hydraulic and motor drive. Riders sitting in the seat, the equipment will drive by motor, the main arm will rotate around the main rotation axis, at the same time, and the linkage arm will drive by the hydraulic power system and then drive the seating part running around the connecting rod shaft from bottom to top for 180°. Then it will drive each pair of chairs rotate in a high speed which will give passengers a thrill feeling. At the same time riding the spinning energy storm is fairly safe.