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Space Travel Thrill Theme Park Rides For sale

Space Travel Thrill Theme Park Rides For sale


The space travel is a thrill ride and it is very popular with people. Space travel thrill theme park ride is used for amusement park, funfair, and carnival.

The ride consists of a riders platform suspended between two counter weighted arms. The arms are turned by motors, while the platform generally only has brakes that are engaged and disengaged at various points of the ride cycle. A typical top spin program runs the main arm motors while engaging and disengaging the platform brakes so that it will rotate in exciting ways. The minimum rider height requirement is 54 inches;maximum is 80 inches due to the seat and restraint design.

The space travel ride is a playground equipment which rotate with horizontal axis .There are two kinds of hydraulic and mechanical transmission structure. This device is the most important feature. Riders with equipment startup, rocking back and forth tumbling, weightlessness alternately to, like travel in space. Young people love the rides.

The space travel rides, as the extremely thrilling amusement rides, will soon make riders on the carriages ride experience the rush of land and sky meshing into one as they fly head over heals through the dual swinging and spinning motions. Most of the riders are adults or children looking for extreme ride. When the cycle of pirate ship ride starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the top spin arm begins to swing through an arc and the maximum swing angle is 120°. Riders are secured via over the shoulder safety harnesses. Riders are spun in endless circles delivering gravity forces and sensations that need to be experienced to be believed. The whole process of the pendulum amusement park rides are fully automatic control. In this way, this kind of pendulum ride can treat your guests to the thrill of their lives. The top spin rides have beautiful shape and scientific structure and belong to one of the most popular rides nowadays. It is attractive amusement ride and many riders come to relax themselves, challenge themselves.

Space travel thrill theme park ride is a kind of circular motion equipment which move around the horizontal axis. It has a large capacity of 20 people, and passengers sit on the cockpits back to back. When the amusement equipment rides works, the powerful arms will rotate circuitously and the rides will also move continuously with the cockpits. The high-speed rotation and the weightlessness will make the riders feel as if being pushed into the mysterious space. This thrill carnival amusement rides widely used in amusement parks and indoor amusement park.