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popular ferris wheel ride with high quality

popular ferris wheel ride with high quality

  • Model: FW03Z
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Load: 40 riders
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Height: 45m
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Ferris wheel is very popular with people. The ferris wheel is used widely for the amusement park, funfair, theme park, and carnival. Riding feriss wheel is a thrilling and interesting. You can feel the thrill and excitement. You can enjoy the beautiful view when you ride the ferris wheel.

The ferris steel is one of popular ride in amusement ride. Each cabin of ferris wheel is made of quality fiberglass reinforced plastics, equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting. The ferris wheel is a miniaturized ferris wheel ride and belongs to a gentle vertically spinning ride for kids and parents. This amusement ride is usually small in size with cartoon style compared to giant ferris wheel. The vehicle ride with several baskets rotates 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement as if through time and space. As you know, ferris wheel, roller coaster and merry go round are collectively referred to as Three Treasures In Paradise. Especially mini ferris wheel for sale, or observation wheel for sale, due to its observation property and height advantage, is preferred by the folk who seek stimulus. Riders slowly rise high into the air along with the ascending cabins and look the downward scenery, just like a bird flying in the sky.

Ferris wheel

The structure of the ferris wheel, the mini ferris wheel for sale consists of several arms, 2 seats per arm and can carry tens of passengers in total. Covering small area, decorated with novel design, unique structure and graceful appearance, the ferris wheel for sale is applicable to both outdoors and indoors, like kiddie fun center, carnival, fairground, shopping mall and amusement park, etc. It is the first ride tourists intend to ride as well as the optimum investment the park owner would like to make. The kids ferris wheel is a perfect family ride that parents accompany the kids.

The ferris wheel is a thrill ride. At the same time the ferris wheel ride is very popular in amusement park. Riding the ferris wheel is very interesting and exciting. You will scream when you ride the ferris wheel.