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outdoor amusement ride pendulum

outdoor amusement ride pendulum


Pendulum amusement park rides are amusement rides that based on the motion of a fixed pendulum, each set of pendulum rides are made up of gondola, arm and axle. On the end of the arm, there is a gondola which is prepared for passengers. There are many seats around the gondola. Passengers should sit and fasten their seatbelt before the ride. There are many kinds of pendulum rides, 6 seat mini pendulum rides with different decorations, 16 seat, 24 seat and 40 seats large pendulum rides.

The pendulum is just what the name implies. With its extraordinary size and power the ride guarantees a sensational ride experience with speed, acceleration and airtime. With its hub height of 26m and a maximum passenger flying height of 43m the pendulum is an impressive, striking landmark that gives thrill-loving guests exactly what they are looking for. The gondola accommodates 40 or 50 riders, offers suspended, floorless seats and provides additional exciting feelings while swinging high above the ground. With a broad guest appeal, the pendulum is without doubt a highlight for theme and amusement parks, attracting riders as well as spectators.

The pendulum rides, as the extremely thrilling amusement rides, will soon make riders on the pendulum ride experience the rush of land and sky meshing into one as they fly head over heals through the dual swinging and spinning motions. Most of the riders are adults or passengers looking for extreme ride. When the cycle of pirate ship ride starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the pendulum arm begins to swing through an arc and the maximum swing angle is 120°. Riders are secured via over the shoulder safety harnesses.

Riders are spun in endless circles delivering gravity forces and sensations that need to be experienced to be believed. The whole process of the pendulum amusement park rides are fully automatic control. In this way, this kind of pendulum ride can treat your guests to the thrill of their lives. Frisbee pendulum rides have beautiful shape and scientific structure and belong to one of the most popular rides nowadays. It is attractive amusement ride and many riders come to relax themselves, challenge themselves.