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mini frisbee ride

mini frisbee ride

Mini frisbee ride is one of type for all the frisbee ride. It is also popular with the all age people. The operation principle of mini frisbee ride is the same as the giant pendulum. A disc attached to the large arm below rotates when the arm swings. You will have a weightlessness when you ride the frisbee. mini frisbee ride takes less space compared to giant frisbee ride but brings about the same joy and fun. The mini frisbee ride is applicable to outdoors and indoors, including square, garden, amusement park, shopping mall and other densely populated sites. The ride always attracts massive tourists due to its tremendous vigor, with vast potential for future development. Mini frisbee ride use a good material to ensure the safety. The gondola seats are designed in diversified cartoon styles, painted with different colors. The frisbee ride is one of the most thrill and popular pendulum amusement rides for carnivals, parks, fairground and family entertainment centers. The ride also called spinning pendulum ride, It is made of super thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorful LED lamps and comprehensive music device, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs. All of these make our pendulum totally attractive, thrill and safety. The frisbee ride is composed of support frames, suspension gear, pendulum gondola, drive system and electrical control system. Main part of spinning pendulum ride is truss structure. Frisbee ride, or meteor hammer ride, sometimes space jam ride, is a kind of pendulum ride featuring a circular gondola carrying passengers and support frames. The gondola rotates as it swings back and forth. Riders are seated in the gondola facing outwards. Generally the giant frisbee or mini frisbee ride takes shoulder straps as safety restraint, fitted with seat belt as secondary security. The pendulum ride is suspended among four support frames. Once the central rotating arm is driven to vibrate by motor, the disc will swing in a single direction, with swing angle of 120 degrees. Frisbee rides create the same sense of weightlessness that space astronauts feel during space travel. The tourists who look for excitement and new experience might select the pendulum amusement ride as a challenge.