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Mall Roller Coaster Ride For Sale

Mall Roller Coaster Ride For Sale

  • Model: MFT08H
  • Track length: 80m
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 6kw
  • Load: 8 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Mall roller coaster ride is very suitable for kids. The mall roller coaster ride is designed in a cartoon picture. With attractive appearance the mall roller coaster is very popular.

Mall roller coaster is one of the very welcomed roller coasters with medium size and lower thrilling feelings, which is suitable for small children and their family to interact with each other in their backyard. The small roller coaster can turn the backyard into the amusement parks for their kids when it is not available to go to the parks. Kids can have fun with their parents and families whenever they want. What’s more, this kinds of mini roller coasters also can be set in the parks and can help the investors attract a lot more visitors to their parks. Besides, it occupies a small areas in the parks and people of any age groups are fond of riding the attraction.

Mall roller coaster ride

The mall roller coasters are marked with a modern interchange track, with colorful lights, sound and children cartoon paintings. When you are riding on the backyard roller coasters, it will be a fantastic, exciting, and interesting experience. Compared with the normal and big roller coaster, the mall roller coaster has a lower equipment height, smaller vertical drop and the slope. So, the cars or trains move in a lower speed than general roller coaster. However, the roller coasters for kids in the mall is in small size but attractive appearance to attract more kids to ride on, such as the cartoon characters, trains, cars, animals and so on. Riders sitting on the backyard roller coasters is moving along the track quickly and just like they are flying and traveling in the mysterious outer space, making their body and mind in the relaxed state. It is also commonly seen in the big theme park, amusement park, and playground.

There are different types of mall roller coasters. Mall roller coaster with innovative and unique design, attractive and beautiful appearance. Among different types of small roller coaster in the backyard, the wacky worm roller coaster, fruit worm roller coaster, slide dragon roller coaster and the mini shuttle roller coaster are some of the very popular models and is especially beloved by children and their families. It is best advantage of double tracks that the mall roller coaster can ensure the safe for kids.