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Jumping jellyfish ride Disneyland

Jumping jellyfish ride Disneyland

The jellyfish ride is one of popular with people all over the world. The jellyfish ride are widely used in amusement park. The jellyfish is suitable for the kids. The design of appearance with jellyfish pictures, it is popular with kids. What more, the jellyfish rides are adhered to music when kids ride it. The appearance of design is unique, it is very attractive for kids. Kids can feel much pleasure when kids ride it.

The jellyfish rides also called happy jellyfish, it is a kind of newly designed kiddie rides which are based on the samba balloon rides and it is widely used in theme park, amusement park, playground,adventure land and children’ s park, shopping mall, etc.. Jellyfish amusement rides is a perfect family amusement equipment, which is integrated by colorful hot balloon and pretty nacelle. Jellyfish Rides moves not only operated through up and down, revolve and rotate, but also passenger can rotate the nacelle, which add more participation and interesting. When riders are on the jellyfish rides, they are just like a happy jellyfish swimming in the ocean and feel the freedom and happiness. Here are some sample description for the jellyfish ride. Jellyfish rides is a very interesting small ride including 8 nacelles and suitable for all age groups, especially the whole family. Riders can play with their family to enjoy their life. Both the decoration parts and the seats of Jellyfish Rides is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, which is painted with non-fading painting. So, the rides have features of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability durable painting. Besides, the jellyfish fair ride is brightly outfitted with colorful spinning balloon and flashing lights along with the beautiful songs, which is well liked by kids and adults. Especially, the jellyfish ride have some features. The 5mm-8mm thickness fiberglass and 3mm-4mm thickness stainless steel frame make it stronger and more durable. Equipped with advanced great music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, timing functions. The color and shape of the chair can be designed by your choice. It is ideal for amusement parks, cultural central and other large playground rides.