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hot sale mini tagada rides

hot sale mini tagada rides

Mini tagada ride belong to the tagada rides in amusement rides. Mini tagada rides, a vary popular amusement equipment, are also called mini disco tagada or disco turntable and belong to the thrill ride. The mini tagada ride also mainly includes the round bowl, the platform and the fence to protect riders. When the mini tagada starts working, the rides will suddenly rise and fall, go up and down with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong and powerful music, passengers brought endless excitement and pleasure. It is ideal for any shopping mall and indoor amusement parks for its compact dimensions. It features the same movements as the bigger model: tilting, bumping, rotating. The ideal choice for parks with small areas available. The bottom of rotary round bowl is composed of two main cylinders, two auxiliary cylinders and one live hinged support. The passengers sit in the circular seats and spin along with the round bowl. Under bright music accompaniment, the two main cylinders and two auxiliary cylinders respectively raise and drop the bowl rhythmically and repeatedly. The riders are just like jumping music notes. Leap, jounce and slip occurred in running of disco tagada forms a funny and humorous scene. Tourists off the stage will be attracted or even aroused by it and they will have strong interest and lust to participate in this stimulating activity. The mini tagada ride have high quality, and it is adhered to led light and music. Main riders are children in the purpose of kids’ safe and exciting feelings. it is really reassuring that the ride is equipped with various safety devices with distinct functions. For example, detector switch for designated parking cabin door is a proximity switch, which is used to park the equipment accurately and facilitate the riders to get in and out. Detector switch for cabin door closing and pedals is a travel switch. As long as the cabin door is not closed and pedals are not raised to right level, the machine will not be launched. The operator would open the bowl gate and allow tourists to enter and sit on the seats and then close the gate. At last, there are more features for mini tagada rides. Mini tagada ride is equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music, which makes the rides with more attraction. Mini tagada rides are made of fiberglass reinforce plastic and steel, which is durable and firm. The material is environmental, resistant to corrosion and stable. Mini tagada rides bring the thrilling experience to riders that they will never forget.