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Fair Ride Mini Pirate Ship For Sale

Fair Ride Mini Pirate Ship For Sale

  • Type: mini pirate ship
  • Materials: fiberglass steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 5kw
  • Load: 8 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Fair ride mini pirate ship is one of the most popular amusement ride. The mini pirate ship is suitable for kids. It is widely used in amusement park, theme park, funfair, and carnival. So the fair ride mini pirate ship is on a sale.

The fair ride mini pirate ship is the small scale of the general pirate ship ride and vary popular among many kiddies. The mainly part of mini pirate ship rides is the pirate ship with a steel support structure. The kiddie pirate ship ride is a kind of children’s amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis of the rides. When the riders are on the mini pirate ship ride, they will feel like as if they are sailing in the sea full of dangers: suddenly a crest, suddenly a valley bottom. Riders will enjoy themselves when they experience the thrill and danger, and it is very recreational. In this way, a small sized viking boat ride or sea dragon ride in theme parks can entertain many children and their families, which means attracting a lot more kids.

Fair ride mini pirate ship

The fair mini pirate ship rides are regarded a new ride in amusement ride. And the pirate ship rides are used in amusement parks, festivals, fairgrounds, theme parks, large funfairs, squares, playground and other public places. Because of its pirate ship appearance, pirate ship rides have become one of the enduring ride in amusement rides. There are some advantages for pirate ship rides.

The fair mini pirate ship ride has another name of viking ship ride and is a kind of moderate thrill ride, consisting of an open, seated pirate ship which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. The fair mini Pirate Boat in the pirate ship ride consists of a steel support structure which is made up of four uprights. The fair mini pirate ship ride can swing riders in the pirate ship back and forth, giving these riders a feeling of weightlessness. The fair mini pirate ship ride is a medium speed ride. On the pirate ship rides, riders can experience the unexpected changes in the elevation and speed of pirate ship, including moderate twists, turns, bumps, spins, and loops. The motor of pirate ship rides is controlled by powering the ride noiseless with automatic programs or manual option. You will have a thrilling and exciting feelings when you ride.