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cinema equipment sales of California

cinema equipment sales of California

3D cinema is the most popular dynamic movie theater which is the combination of 2D images, dynamic seats and environment effects produced by special 3D cinema equipment. The invention of 3D cinemas greatly enriches our life, for the attractive movies plus 3D cinema equipment bring us into a virtual reality world. In the VR world, the audience could feel dropping down, wind blowing,vibrating, etc. Moreover, cinema 3d makes viewers play active roles in the movies they are watching. With the change of story plot, 3d technology simulates many special environment effects, such as rain, snow, bubble, fog, lightning,etc. Audience are totally involved in these scenes and feel 3d cinema experience through their vision, hearing, smelling and touching. The simulator cinemas could be applied to amusement parks, public parks, big tourist holiday resort, shopping mall, happy valley theme parks and 3D interactive cinema experience pavilion. The biggest advantage of investing in a 3D cinema in these places is that there has enough people whose ages are at 10-45 years old. They have consuming ability and incline to enjoy novelty and experience adventure at any time. What’s more, it will attract more people to these places if there has 3D cinema simulator. For example, investment in 3d cinemas in shopping center not only brings customers’ new experience while shopping, enrich people’s lives, but also increases people flow and encourage them to consume in the mall. The simulator cinema 3d mainly consists of special effect system and external accessories. Each part has its own function to help the 3D simulator cinema work smoothly. Environment effect system includes bubble machine, water spray machine, snow making machine, fog machine,wind blower, flash frequency machine and air compressor. These machines of 3d cinemas have the ability to make audience feel like in the real-life scenario by creating different environments of raining, snowing, wind blowing, lightning and fogging, etc. There are reasons why people love the 3d cinemas equipment. The advent of 3D interactive cinemas has broken the traditional static movie style. Audience are able to participate in the movie scenes through interactive games while watching movies at the same time. It allows audience to take part in and throw himself into the story by utilizing interactive props. They could take a thrilling adventure together with the characters in the story. In a word, 3D simulator makes it possible to experience virtual simulation in a brand new world. After experiencing 5d cinemas, you would have total relaxation both physically and mentally, which is good for your health and makes you work efficiently on weekdays.