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carnival ride for sale

carnival ride for sale


As times goes on, more and more carnival rides has been designed by some amusement park rides manufacturers. These rides are suitable for kids and adults. They comes from different sizes, small, medium or even huge. There are swing rides, disco rides, windmill rides, pirate ship rides, ferris wheels and all kinds of equipment for sale.

Carnival swing ride which is similar with the carousel rides, but the main difference is swing rides are made of a large structure and many suspended chairs. It is one of the most traditional amusement rides which were present at the earliest amusement parks, funfairs and carnivals. There are different types swing rides. It includes the watermelon swing rides, kids swing rides and mini swing chairs. The capacity can be ranging from 12 to 32 person. Mainly present at 12, 16, 24 and 32 chairs.

Carnival disco ride, also called Flying UFO in the amusement rides, it is a kind of amusement ride. This equipment is popular in the large amusement parks which is similar with pirate ship rides, roller coasters and other large amusement rides. Amusement park disco ride is made up of meniscus track and a large turntable with 24 racing cars on the turntable. Around the turntable, there decorated lots of colorful lights and a music box. When operating the ride, the music box will playing some pieces music.

Carnival windmill ride, the speed windmill frisbee rides, as the extremely thrilling amusement rides, will soon make riders on the frisbee ride experience the rush of land and sky meshing into one as they fly head over heals through the dual swinging and spinning motions. Most of the riders are looking for extreme thrilling ride. When the cycle of pirate ship ride starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the pendulum arm begins to swing through an arc and the maximum swing angle is 90°. Riders are secured via over the shoulder safety harnesses. Riders are spun in endless circles delivering gravity forces and sensations that need to be experienced to be believed. The whole process of the frisbee amusement park rides are fully automatic control. In this way, this kind of speed windmill ride can treat you to the thrill of their lives.

Carnival ferris wheel ride, as the most classic rides in the amusement parks, funfairs and carnivals, is playing a vital role in this places. There are small ferris wheel, we call them observation wheel for kids, large ferris wheels with 30-120 meters.

These carnival rides are popular with people. And these carnival rides are safe and will provide more enjoyment for kids and adults. Rieding these carnival rides are a good enjoyable for kids and adults.