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Best Quality Disco Tagada Carnival Rides

Best Quality Disco Tagada Carnival Rides


Tagada ride is one of the most popular amusement ride. As a new amusement ride, the tagada ride is a great popularity to people in funfair, carnival, and amusement park. Not only is it high quality but also the tagada ride is excellent technology.

Tagada ride, also referred to as tagada disco, is a very popular amusement ride applied in theme park, fairground and playground. This thrilling ride includes a big round bowl where riders can seat without seat belts and restrains, but with bars people could hold and back to. When the ride is started by operator, the round bowl jounces the riders up and down quickly or slowly, accompanied by crazy and dynamic disco music. The passengers sit on the sofa in a circle, just as wandering in the universe. The passion rhythm and rocking motion would relax their body and mind.

The bottom of rotary round bowl is composed of two main cylinders, two auxiliary cylinders and one live hinged support. The passengers sit in the circular seats and spin along with the round bowl. Under bright music accompaniment, the two main cylinders and two auxiliary cylinders respectively raise and drop the bowl rhythmically and repeatedly. The riders are just like jumping music notes. Leap, jounce and slip occurred in running of disco tagada forms a funny and humorous scene. Tourists off the stage will be attracted or even aroused by it and they will have strong interest and lust to participate in this stimulating activity.

As for the Disco tagada funfair ride, it is mainly composed of the round bowl, the platform and the fence to protect riders from hurting themselves. Tagada ride Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelts or restraints. There are bars behind the riders which they can hold on to. As the Disco Turntable ride starts to spin, the music starts playing and hydraulic arms simultaneously bounce the riders up and down. The tagada rides usually are operated by a human operator, which will synchronize the bounces with the music beat. Sometimes, if the tagada rides for sale are too strong, most operators give time for riders to get to their seats again before making the ride bounce. Disco Tagada ride goes up and down suddenly in operation, which just as if the ocean rises up and down, fast and slow. So you can enjoy yourself when you ride it.