amusement park pendulum ride with high quality

Pendulum amusement park rides are amusement rides, which is based on the motion of a fixed pendulum, each set of pendulum rides are made up of gondola, arm and axle. On the end of the arm, there is a gondola which is prepared for passengers. There are many seats around the gondola. Passengers should sit and fasten their seat belt before the ride. There are many kinds of pendulum rides in our factory, 6 seat mini pendulum rides with different decorations, 16 seat, 24 seat and 40 seats large pendulum rides. And those pendulum rides are on a sale.

The pendulum ride is also called frisbee ride and belongs to the thrill rides. Especially , the giant pendulum are fairly to the thrill seeker’ s tastes. The frisbee rides can be classified into top-driven and bottom-driven. Driven by the electric motor, the pendulum amusement ride can risen to the top and then fall down according to the gravity, just like the pirate ship.

Pendulum amusement park rides

At the same time, the riders in the pendulum can rotates along with the cabins. Riders will feel they are flying into the sky in the top and falling down on the ground in the bottom. What a thrilling feeling it s! And the small spinning pendulum ride is mainly for kids to have fun, winning many children’s attention in the parks. this pendulum amusement park ride with top quality fiberglass reinforced plastic makes it have a long service life. Because of innovative design, attractive appearance, high quality, thrilling experience, etc. It is attractive to people.

As for the giant pendulum thrill rides, riders sit in the circular gondola and face outside making a circle along the gondola. In general, pendulum rides are designed to press the shoulder as the safety restraint with the safety belt as the additional insurance. When the gondola starts rotating, the main axis hanging under the circular gondola begins to swing back and forth. The whole process is driven by the gravity force and the friction and automatically controlled. Passengers cannot only experience the centrifugal force, but also enjoy the distant beautiful scenery when they are in the top in the sky. It is so thrill and exciting that everyone cannot help scream out to relax themselves.